What is Kevin Swann Enterprises, Inc.?


Kevin Swann Enterprises is a 501c3 non-profit community outreach organization that was founded by Dr. Kevin Swann in 2008 under the name, Kevin Swann Ministries, Inc. The purpose of Kevin Swann Ministries was to develop community based programs that would offer support disadvantaged and/or lower income populations. The focus of Kevin Swann Ministries, Inc. was three-fold, media (sharing of religious media, literacy programs and community service initiatives).


In 2014, Dr. Swann and others decided that there was a greater need for community engagement in specific areas. Because of this, the name of the organization “Kevin Swann Ministries, Inc.” was changed to Kevin Swann Enterprises, Inc. In addition, there has been in a shift in focus in the organization’s vision and mission statements as well its scope of services.


The Mission Statement of Kevin Swann Enterprises, Inc.


To inspire, instill and ignite programs and services that empower youth and adults through Character building, Capital Empowerment and Community service.


Kevin Swann, Enterprises, Inc. will focus on three primary areas:


Capital Empowerment

Community Service Events

Economic initiatives to educate youth on finances. (Money Matters for Teens)

Hope for the Holidays: An event held each year at YH Thomas Community Center to assist needy families with gifts for Christmas.

Create entrepreneurship programs, wealth building opportunities that will fuel youth to be better educated/trained

Skating Parties with a purpose (i.e. promote anti-violence/bullying, etc.)

Goal: To equip youth to be better trained and knowledgeable of how money works, career options and business opportunities.

Character Building Initiatives

Programming through Athletics (Basketball League)

(League established in 2009)

(2014: 23 Teams in 3 age ranges)

Consideration of a athletic ventures as a “hook” to promote character building programs.

Goal: To create a year round basketball program that will compliment the City Leagues, but our leagues feature other items.

Goal: A quarterly community service activity.

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