Moments with Our Master


There are many daily devotionals you can choose to read. But we believe that Moments with Our Master should be one of your devotionals of choice.


Moments with Our Master is a Daily Devotional designed to do three things:


1. Give a practical biblical message to help people learn more about God.

2. Share a relevant point about what people may face and how to overcome their challenges.

3. Inspire us to love God more and to pursue His will as best we can.


As a child of God and Pastor, I understand the demands that people have of their time. Therefore I write the messages in a straightforward manner, that are timely and can be instantly applied to your life. The messages are not "deep" in theology, rather offer practical solutions and encouragement in our relationship with God. Because of this approach, we have thousands of people that receive the messages each day. My goal is to reach as many people as possible across the world  with the gospel of Jesus Christ. That includes you!


Moments with our Master are available Tuesday-Friday of each week. If you are looking for something to read each day, that is simple, easy to follow and helps you understand God better, look no further. Try Moments with Our Master today!



Check out a few samples below.

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